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Super Storms, Climate Change, and Meat Consumption

Climate Change–>Super Storms

Not even ten days after Hurricane Sandy the “largest Atlantic hurricane on record,” the NY and NJ areas are facing the devastation of a vicious snow storm, the nor’easter. Katrina, the drought, and now these storms are bringing the reality of climate change and global warming to U.S. headlines.

What may have gone unnoticed by many of us is the cyclone that hit India at the same time as Sandy. Now we are witnessing both consecutive and simultaneous natural disasters around the world.

Unfortunately, this comes as little surprise to those who heed the warnings of climate scientists. And while there are some who remain resistant and/or apathetic to the notion of climate change, it is getting harder and harder to dispute that climate change is a clear and present danger, both nationally and globally.

As the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, states:

“It’s a longer conversation, but I think part of learning from this is the recognition that climate change is a reality, extreme weather is a reality. It is a reality that we are vulnerable.”

We also have thought leaders like George Lakoff positing that Global Warming Systematically Caused Hurricane Sandy.


Meat Consumption–>Climate Change

But what are we willing to do about it?

As is standard practice, neither Cuomo nor Lakoff mentioned the easiest and most commonsense act of reducing our consumption of animal products.

We hope these horrific storms and the other ravages of severe and changing climate have leaders and the public connect the dots between livestock, its role in climate change, and what we must do to mitigate the effects.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions: According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization’s report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, the livestock industry contributes more greenhouse gas emissions than ALL transportation combined. When considered over a 20-year time frame instead of 100-years, the number drastically increases. An article in World Watch Magazine puts the figure at 51%.

Deforestation: According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, Grade A Choice? Solutions for Deforestation-Free Meat, the increasing global demand for meat has led to deforestation for grazing pastures and livestock feed production.

Deforestation is especially important because we’re losing massive amounts of our photosynthetic capabilities (the primary way to actually reverse global warming, not just slow its growth).


Help Storm Victims Now!

At A Well-Fed World, in addition to our advocacy and program work, we raise funds for emergency actions.

To assist those harmed by Hurricane Sandy and now the nor’easter, we’ve raised $1750 in just three days to add to our initial contribution $3500, for a current total of $5250.

There’s still more to do. Volunteers are on the ground organizing mobile kitchens and distributing hot vegan meals to those in need. Find out details at or donate now to increase our contribution and help us help them. Thank you!


Don’t Miss Veganpalooza!!

A new world of conferences has arrived… they are online and they are FREE!

Welcome to Veganpalooza! We are proud to co-sponsor this incredible online, virtual summit –> Wednesday-Sunday (July 11-15th).

Join us for their Social Justice day on Thursday at 5pm EST (2pm west coast) when AWFW’s Founding Director Dawn Moncrief presents Eating Animals in a Hungry World.

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Program Outline:

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Plus, find out more about their VIP program with more bonus gifts than we care to count.

Veganpalooza is hosted by Dr. Will Tuttle, author of The World Peace Diet and Steve Prussack, CEO of Raw Edge Productions. They have gathered together the “leading writers, researchers, activists, educators, and coaches in the vegan movement, with collectively hundreds of years of accumulated wisdom and experience in vegan living—so you can plumb the depths and breadth of understanding the keys to radiant wellness, social harmony, and joyful, creative, and abundant living.”

The incredible list of speakers includes: Drs. John McDougall, Neal Barnard, T. Colin Campbell, Gabriel Cousens, Brian Clement, Thomas Lodi, Jameth Sheridan, Milton Mills, and Jonathan Balcombe, as well as: Harold Brown, Rip Esselstyn, Rory Freedman, Kathy Freston, Howard Lyman, Keith McHenry, Victoria Moran, Colleen Patrick-Goodreau, Bo Rinaldi, Rich Roll, Nathan Runkle, Rae Sikora, Cherie Soria, and more.

Also in attendance is Philip Wollen who recently garnered a lot of attention from his inspired speech that quickly went viral… check out our previous blog.

The tele-summit kicks off THIS Wednesday (July 11) and runs through Sunday (July 15th). It will provide you with a fresh take and the tools you need to live a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle.  Be inspired and learn how to inspire others all while sitting at your computer!

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Thank you VegNews Magazine!

Welcome to our first blog! It is a very exciting time and we hope that you will follow us as we continue to work hard to feed families and save animals!

Alongside the new season and all our exciting events came the VegNews Magazine “Best Of 2011” issue.  Inside the Fall inspired edition you will see a list of 10 non-profits you need to know. A Well-Fed World is honored to be included alongside 9 other fantastic and important groups working dilligently on behalf of animals.

Additionally, 3 of the other organizations listed are also recipients of our Sustainable Keys Global Grants! Food Empowerment Project, Animal Protection and Rescue League, and Humane Research Council were also included among the 10 organizations recognized. Our collaboration with these organizations is a great example of the power to inspire each other and work together to produce positive change.