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A Compassionate Thanksgiving

Every November, families gather together to give thanks. At some point in American culture, eating turkeys became the symbolic way to give thanks. We are hoping to encourage our readers to rewrite that tradition. There has never been a more compelling time to rethink how we treat animals raised for food.

Thanksgiving usually marks the beginning of the holiday season. The holidays are often filled with family and friends, desserts and presents. Since we will all find ourselves on the giving and receiving ends, it’s the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate our role in the global community and how our choices affect everyone.

A Compassionate Thanksgiving is easier than you think. First we will offer you some important information regarding the detriment eating animals has caused and then showcase some of our favorite Thanksgiving recipes.

Why Choose A Compassionate Thanksgiving?

For the Environment- The UN has noted the imperative of a shift toward a more vegetarian/vegan diet for sustainability.

For The Animals– The animal advocacy group, Mercy For Animals, has released their second video from an undercover investigation at Butterball’s turkey farms. The video exposes violent acts of animal cruelty and inhumane treatment.

For The Food!

One Green Planet– Acorn stuffed with Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf 

Fat Free Vegan– Traditional Stuffing

Oh She Glows- Mashed Potatoes

Miso Vegan– Holiday Brussels Sprouts

Fit Sugar– Curried Pumpkin with Raisins

Happy Herbivore– Cranberry Sauce

Oh She Glows– Sweet Potato Casserole

Wicked Good Vegan– Tofurkey Loaf

Post Punk Kitchen-Maple Pecan Pie

Veggie Dream Girl– Pumpkin Pie with Chocolate Crust

Skies The Limit!

If you are looking for more information, FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement) has a great resource for all your Compassionate Holiday needs.

Happy Thanksgiving


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