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PB&J Day–April 2nd

We are one week away from our first official PB&J Day! The PB&J Campaign started as a grant recipient and now is a full-time program. We are very excited for this new campaign as it is an easy and accessible way to reach people about the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Why PB&J?

Familiarity- Who doesn’t enjoy a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? It is a timeless classic that resonates with individuals from all walks of life. The recognizability of this sandwich really draws people in and offers activists a great jumping off point for a conversation about sustainable food.

Inspire- This campaign is an effective way to get individuals to realize how their food choices impact the planet and the animals. Often consumers don’t realize they are already choosing a plant-based, gentle meal. This notion may inspire them to think beyond a PB&J.

Easy Activism- Slice up some PB&J’s and hit the streets for an easy feed-in.  A passerby will surely recognize a PB&J and great conversations about food and the environment are sure to follow.  Contact us for some free literature and other supplies to set up your own PB&J Day on April 2nd or any day!

Pledge- Discover how much water, land and greenhouse gas emissions you can save by eating different numbers of plant-based meals per week and then set a target you think you can achieve.

Get the Merchandise- AWFW has some great new PB&J Campaign shirts as well as hot off the presses literature to help spread the word!

Save the Date- April 2nd is National PB&J day.  Get online and spread the word to your friends and family about the benefits of PB&J and all plant-based meals.

Great feedback from PB&J Supporter, Dael:

“My favorite discovery is PB&J oatmeal. Just add 2 T of peanut butter to a bowl of oatmeal, plus some of your favorite jam or agave. It’s easy to make raw, too, with soaked oats or chia seeds and almond butter with agave or fruit puree. This hearty breakfast will keep you satisfied for so long you might forget to eat lunch.”

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