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Behind the Pink Ribbons

Although we are many months away from the crisp October air, the recent headlines have had many thinking about women’s issues, especially the Susan G. Komen Foundation and their “fight” against breast cancer.  The multimillion dollar breast cancer advocacy group has recently announced to sever their support of Planned Parenthood.  Given the foundation’s stated dedication to women, this news is especially disheartening and many consider it politically motivated.

With cancer rates soaring, there is increased attention to early detection methods.  What unfortunately gets lost in all the mammogram talk is what is even more important than early detection, and that is prevention. The media has been on top of the Planned Parenthood vs Komen hoopla as of late.  Rarely, however, is there a breaking news story regarding the power that a vegan diet combined with regular exercise can have on cancer prevention as well as survival.

What should also spark curiosity is the partnering of Susan G. Komen for the Cure with Kentucky Fried Chicken.  According to the National Cancer Institute’s website, “an increased risk of developing colorectal, pancreatic and breast cancer is associated with high intakes of well-done, fried or barbecued meats.”

What this means is that it is up to us to protect our bodies with powerful, cancer fighting foods. Organizations who are supposedly here to help prevent cancer are unfortunately tied to other corporations who promote goods that neither nourish our bodies, or treat animals with kindness.

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